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Minor Requirements


We offer ear lobe piercings 7+. Ear cartilage, septum, and nostril piercings will be offered to minors 14+. Navel piercings will be considered at 16+ only. All piercings not listed are strictly reserved for 18+ clients only. ⁣ We are happy to offer piercings to minors on a case-by-case basis at the piercer’s discretion, please email or call the shop if you have any questions.



We are unable to accomodate multiple people in one appointment window. 

Parent or legal guardian must accompany the minor in the piercing room during the procedure.⁣


-Current and valid photo ID for both parent / guardian and child are mandatory.

For minors we accept: School I.D, Passport, Gov Issued I.D, Drivers License

  No ID = No piercing. ⁣

*If parent & child's last names differ, we will ask to see their birth certificate to verify relationship.

*If a legal guardian is accompanying the minor please be sure to bring your original court-issued guardianship documents.


We are unable to make any exceptions to these requirements under any circumstances, please do not ask. ⁣