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Custom Tattooing by experienced professionals.


Tattooing since 1991, Ben is a mixed-media artist, with experience in painting, illustration, sculptural art, wood engraving, and photography. These disciplines have influenced his tattoo style; lending to his eye for fine detail, crisp linework and smooth blends.


Tattooing for the last 15 years here in the Bay Area, Orio is known for his black and grey work, coverups, detailed fine lines and watercolor styles.

Click Here to book an in-person consultation to meet & discuss your tattoo idea with Orio.


Arlene's background in medical illustration lends to her tattoo style. Specializing in detailed fine-line & black work, she's never met a skull or snake she didn't like.

To book with Arlene please fill out her booking form HERE !


Specializing in micro scale, ornamental and dotwork styles, Cip offers both pre-drawn flash and custom designs. Her background in cosmetic tattooing gives her a sharp eye for detail and tiny thin lines. 

To book with Cip, please DM her on Instagram at the link above.

Tattoo Aftercare Suggestions

Aftercare Instructions w/ standard taped on bandage: ⁣⁣
-Day 1 : Leave bandage on overnight  ⁣⁣⁣
-Day 2-14 : Remove bandage in the morning (do not re-bandage) and gently wash with mild, fragrance free soap until tattoo is no longer slimy.  Use clean bare hands to wash, no washcloths. After washing apply a thin layer of aquaphor or after inked ointment, being careful to gently rub it in. Do not coat the tattoo in a thick layer of ointment. Repeat washing and applying aquaphor again in the evening.  (See additional tips below!)⁣

Aftercare Instructions w/ breathable film bandage:⁣⁣
-Leave initial bandage on for 8-24 hours. ⁣⁣
-Remove the bandage as soon as possible if an excessive amount of fluid is building up under the film, if fluid is leaking out,  if the bandage is peeling at the edges or if it has a puncture or tear.  ⁣⁣
-Wash tattoo using instructions above as soon as Saniderm is removed.  ⁣⁣
-After the initial bandage is removed (24hours max) you may replace with a fresh layer of Saniderm and can continue wearing that one for 3-5 days. If you plan to reapply, do not apply aquaphor after washing the tattoo or the Saniderm will not adhere properly.⁣⁣
-After 3-5 days of Saniderm, use the above instructions for washing and moisturizing 2-3 times per day until fully healed.⁣⁣
-Allergic reactions to Saniderm are extremely rare but if you have any concerns please contact us or your healthcare provider right away.                                    ⁣⁣
Additional tips : ⁣⁣
Keep your new tattoo clean and covered. Do not expose your tattoo to the sun or elements until it is fully healed (2-4+ weeks). No swimming, soaking or submerging your tattoo at all in any bodies of water, pools, tubs, or saunas until it is fully healed. Refrain from workouts for at least the first week as excessive sweating and rubbing can negatively impact the healing process. Do not scratch or pick at your tattoo at all. If it is itchy, apply ointment. Wear loose breathable clothing (100% cotton is best) over your tattoo while it heals, especially while out doing daily activities (working, shopping etc..) After the tattoo has fully healed, apply sunblock daily to maintain the tattoo over time. ⁣⁣